Qatar Charity delivers aid to Indonesian rugged areas using horses

The rugged geographical nature could not prevent Qatar Charity from delivering food aid to those in need in the remote villages of Bogor, Indonesia, using horses and motorbikes. Qatar Charity has recently distributed food baskets to those most affected by the coronavirus pandemic, through horses and motorbikes in areas where it is very difficult to reach in vehicles, and adhered to the precautionary measures during the distribution of aid. Using the horses and motorbikes by Qatar to deliver the assistance was a unique and unfamiliar step that received great attention in Indonesia, where the media shed light on the method of distribution, which has found solutions to the difficulties of delivering humanitarian aid to those affected by COVID-19 in remote villages and isolated areas with no roads to reach. The distribution of the food aid by Qatar Charity was covered by several Indonesian TV channels such as iNews TV, TVone, Kompas TV, RTV and TVRI, in addition to many electronic mediums, including Dailymotion. Qatar Charity’s food assistance contributed to easing the suffering of the beneficiaries who were badly affected by the coronavirus pandemic. It is worth mentioning that, during the month of Ramadan, Qatar Charity distributed food aid in various Indonesian regions, benefiting 75,000 people, in addition to distributing 64.82 tons of rice to 3,241 people in Banda Aceh. Qatar Charity also provided Eid clothing for 160 orphans in Jakarta and Depok.