Qatar Charity and the International Organization for Migration: a long experience of cooperation and partnership

 Qatar Charity has a long history of cooperation and partnership with international organizations, including the International Organization for Migration (IOM), which is evident by implementing many quality relief and development projects across the world to address development challenges and humanitarian work.By supporting a hospital in Taiz:   Improving the quality of maternal health care in YemenThe International Organization for Migration, in partnership with Qatar Charity, aims to improve the quality of maternal and child services in rural areas of Yemen by supporting Al-Aroos hospital in the region of Sabr Al-Mawadim in the governorate of Taiz, where he provided medicine and equipment.The project aims to provide basic emergency services such as maternal and newborn care to displaced people and the communities hosting them.Tens of thousands of people benefit from this support, including hundreds of internally displaced people living in the hospital's vicinity. Since February 2021, nearly 2,200 women and children have benefited from maternal and newborn care services at the hospital Al-Arous.The hospital provides its services in an area with an estimated population of 50,000.Emergency careDr. Fahd Sufi from the IOM Health Team in Aden said:  "With this support from Qatar Charity, the hospital can now provide emergency non-surgical care for mothers and newborns, and the hospital will be able to accommodate a wide range of maternal illnesses."Ahmed Saad Al-Rumaihi, Director of the Emergency and Rescue Department at Qatar Charity, said: "Women and children are often the most affected by the Yemeni crisis, so ensuring their access to health care is essential for their survival and eventual recovery of the country. “He added that Qatar Charity is proud of its partnership with the International Organization for Migration to provide humanitarian support to improve the conditions of displaced Yemenis.Reconstruction of destroyed houses in MosulWith the support of Qatar Charity and as part of the ongoing efforts of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to support the Iraqi government's durable solutions efforts, the implementation of the"Reconstruction of destroyed houses in West Mosul" in Mosul Governorate, Iraq, was announced.The project helped support durable solutions for displaced people and provided support to the most vulnerable families, as rebuilt the homes of 18 families in western Mosul.IOM Iraq Head of Mission Gerard Way said: IOM has intervened in Iraq through this project and with the support of Qatar Charity, and has helped 18 families build housing.Sustainable solutionsThe Director of Qatar Charity's Emergency and Relief Department, Mr. Ahmed Saad Al-Rumaihi, expressed his joy after the project and said:Qatar Charity is proud of its partnership with the International Organization for Migration to support and carry out this important project and to support the reconstruction efforts in Mosul, with the hope that the project will contribute to the return of our displaced Iraqi brothers to their homes and live in safety and dignity.