Qatar Charity’s prosthetic limbs project benefits Syrian IDPs

Qatar Charity’s prosthetic limbs project benefits Syrian IDPs Qatar Charity (QC) continues to provide its services through its qualitative project ‘The Center for Prosthetics and Physiotherapy’ in Azaz, northern Syria, in support of people who have lost limbs and people with special needs. Some 5870 people have benefited from its services so far.The services of the center, which was launched last year, are part of Qatar Charity’s health and humanitarian interventions for Syrian internally displaced persons (IDPs).  This aims to lessen the suffering of beneficiaries, and enable them to lead their daily lives. The project includes four main sections, namely prosthetics, physiotherapy, psychological support, and nursing.Raziya Al-Aboud, a beneficiary, who was unable to move without anyone’s support, due to paralysis, said that, after receiving treatment at the center, she can do her works without anyone’s help. The center’s psychological support officer said that Raziya came to the center in a shattered psychological state due to her paralysis. She added that Raziya’s condition improved after receiving 27 physiotherapy sessions and 15 psychological support sessions.Mesaef Attia, director of the center, said the center has become a vital point that provides important and necessary services for the injured, persons without limbs, and people with disabilities.