As part of its "Warmth and Peace" campaign Qatar Charity provides winter aid to Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh

 As part of its "Warmth and Peace" campaign to confront the dangers of winter, Qatar Charity continues to provide the necessary winter aid to displaced people and refugees around the world. In Bangladesh, Qatar Charity distributed emergency relief materials to Rohingya refugees affected by a massive fire that broke out in their camps a while ago, as it distributed winter clothes for the benefit of more than 1,000 affected refugees.Qatar Charity's relief teams delivered aid to the homes of the affected families, in the presence of camp officials.RefugeesThe Rohingya refugees expressed their satisfaction with the assistance provided by Qatar Charity in light of these difficult conditions they are going through. Habib Rahman, one of the refugees who was affected by the fire, said that his house was completely burned and nothing was left for him, and Qatar Charity contributed to providing shelter for him and his family, as well as the winter aid. For her part, Suhana Begum, a mother of four children, said that she lost her home and no longer had clothes to protect them from the cold, and she said that the assistance provided by Qatar Charity came on time and helped her and her children to overcome the harsh winter cold.Fire VictimsThis aid comes as support for those affected by the fire that broke out in one of the camps Rohingyas in Cox's Bazar on the ninth of last January has caused damage to the camp.This is not the first fire to hit the Rohingya camps. Another fire destroyed a large part of the camp last March, killing more than 10 people and leaving nearly a thousand injured. This fire displaced nearly fifty thousand Rohingya refugees and destroyed many buildings, including schools and centers for Food storage.