Managing information in the context of a humanitarian crisis

In the context of Universal Access to Information, this  collection contains guidelines, assessment reports, academic research and toolboxes on the information access and management in humanitarian context.  Current guidance comes from leading local and global organisations and institutions: Internews, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the International Rescue Committee, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, the United Nations Population Fund.

Collections on this Collection


Information Management in Pakistan

Documents related to Information Management in Pakistan. This collection addresses the following topics among others: a- Information Management as a Corner Stone for Improving the Quality of Healthcare Services in Pakistan which deals with the importance of joining the global information highway which is likely to penetrate government hospitals as well; ALWAYS in the same optic, we have Barriers in Adoption of Health Information Technology in Developing Societies dealing with the improvements of Health Information Technology in Developing countries.; b- We also have a cluster of bulletins on humanitarian field and Pakistan dealing with Critical humanitarian needs, Partners support to Pakistan’s Government. responses to crises, Capacity-building for Pakistan’s Government where we can quote Humanitarian Bulletin Pakistan 2013/2014; c- Information System for NGO Libraries in Pakistan which is a paper explaining the current usage patterns of grey literature in Pakistani organizations... 

Humanitarian Information Management

The "Humanitarian Information Management" Collection is intended as a guidance for country-level use to support Cluster/Sector leads, OCHA and humanitarian partners to ensure that relevant information is provided during humanitarian emergencies to the right person at the right time. The aim of this Collection is also to ensure that the information is presented in a useful format to facilitate situational understanding and decision-making.

Public Information and Advocacy in Pakistan

The "Public Information and Advocacy in Pakistan" Collection present a selection of articles, documents, and reports about public information, advocacy, and current news in Pakistan. This collection addresses the following topics among others: a- Social media in Pakistan: a catalyst for communication, not change which is a report on social media in Pakistan; b- RAF’s Approach to Advocacy Guidance for Applicants & Grantees dealing with the Maternal and Newborn Health(MNH) Research and Advocacy Fund for the Millennium Development Goals and a purpose of improving MNH practices and supporting policies; c- Pakistan Media Sphere and Public Sphere Negotiating the Concept of Taliban deals with Taliban issue throughout Media sphere; d- Advocacy and innovation funds for education in Pakistan which deals with Advocacy and Education in Pakistan; e- Pakistan and the Narratives of Extremism which is a report on the success of extremist strategic communications well-known under the name of al-Qaeda….