Kyrgyz Republic honors Qatar Charity for combating coronavirus

The Kyrgyz Republic honored Qatar Charity (QC), in appreciation of its efforts to prevent the Covid-19 pandemic, limit its economic and social impacts, and contribute to alleviating the suffering of those affected by the pandemic.Qatar Charity received the honor during a meeting held by Mr. Balbak Tulobaev, mayor of Bishkek city, and attended by the representatives of many international organizations.Qatar Charity received a certificate of thanks and appreciation from the Kyrgyz government and people for the generous donors in the State of Qatar, who have extended support amidst the continued current pandemic.The mayor praised the efforts made by Qatar Charity to support the Kyrgyz Republic in fighting the coronavirus pandemic. He thanked the donors in Qatar for delivering aid to the Kyrgyz people, which played a great and effective role in lessening the hardship of those in need, especially in this time of adversity. He expressed his pride in the deep relations between the two countries.Despite the challenges witnessed last year, due to the coronavirus, Qatar Charity managed to implement 221 development and relief projects that have benefited more than 73,000 persons, while 380 projects are being implemented for 315,000 expected beneficiaries. The total cost of all these projects is estimated at nearly 48 million Qatari riyals.These projects cover education, social care, health, water and sanitation, building mosques and homes for the poor, and distributing wheelchairs to people with special needs, in addition to implementing income-generating projects and delivering aid to prevent the coronavirus. Qatar Charity has also implemented many qualitative projects, including a model village for orphans, which has 30 housing units, a school, a kindergarten, a mosque, a restaurant and a sewing workshop for widows. Qatar Charity also inaugurated a multi-service center in the Chuy Region of Kyrgyzstan, in addition to starting the implementation of 7 schools, 17 social housing, 41 mosques, and a Quran memorization center.With regard to water projects, Qatar Charity has started implementing 185 well projects worth 5.6 million Qatari riyals, of which 37 have been completed, in addition to implementing 4 water network projects out of 8 projects to be implemented. The number of those sponsored by Qatar Charity, which was nearly 3,200 at the beginning of the last year, reached 6,921 by the end of the year. Qatar Charity has implemented about 106 health projects, including 37 health centers, a hospital in the capital, Bishkek, and family medicine centers in all governorates, especially in remote villages, in addition to heart valve surgeries for 81 children, and 41 cochlear implants.