On the International Humanitarian Day Qatar Charity ... continuous efforts to confront Corona inside and outside Qatar

  Qatar Charity is among the top 10 institutions to combat Corona in Qatar ... This is what Ipsos confirmed, according to a poll conducted by it, another distinction that has been added to the series of Qatar Charity's successes in the field of its humanitarian interventions, as Qatar Charity's efforts were not limited inside Qatar, but extended through its urgent assistance in no small number of the world through its field offices, through a campaign it launched to confront the COVID 19 virus.Within QatarQatar Charity, in cooperation with the Ministries of Administrative Development and Labor and Social Affairs and the Ministry of Health, was keen to reach those affected by the pandemic of workers, families with limited income, and members of the communities residing in Qatar, as it provided them with assistance and services. The number of beneficiaries of all the aid provided is more than 614,000.Qatar Charity has also fully equipped two buildings for health isolation for workers in the Industrial Area. The building includes 213 rooms that accommodate about 852 patients, in addition to providing sanitary bags for workers.Awareness and preventive campaigns were organized for workers by distributing personal hygiene tools, sterilizers, and masks, as well as awareness leaflets in different languages.Believing in the necessity of solidarity with the communities, Qatar Charity launched the Rescue Mission initiative in cooperation with Qatari youth initiatives as part of the Corona response campaign, calling for humanity to save the lives of thousands of affected people.These initiatives have contributed to humanitarian efforts to enable vulnerable groups to overcome this crisis, in addition to supporting the health sector in more than 34 countries around the world.across the worldQatar Charity has provided unlimited support to several countries around the world to confront the Coronavirus. She has not even prevented rough roads from reaching the beneficiaries, like what happened in Indonesia, as Qatar Charity teams used horses and motorcycles to distribute food baskets during the Corona pandemic, which received media coverage for this unique event.  As part of the urgent response to the outbreak of the virus, Qatar Charity has established 14 community isolation units in northern Syria, in cooperation with the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.In Sudan, Qatar Charity sent a 7-ton medical aid plane that included personal protection materials and equipment for medical personnel working in the Corona confrontation.Medical aid to Qatar Charity has reached several countries, including Lebanon, Tunisia, Palestine, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Yemen, Mali, Chad, and Kenya.International agreementsSince the beginning of the outbreak, Qatar Charity has been keen to contribute to the international efforts exerted to limit the spread of the virus and has begun in cooperation with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to provide emergency assistance to Syrian refugees throughout Lebanon, and the value of this agreement reached 1.5 million dollarsIt also implemented, in cooperation with the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Refugee Affairs, the establishment of 14 community isolation units, at an estimated cost of $ 1.6 million. And 2,800 camp residents benefit from it.To meet the humanitarian needs resulting from the outbreak of the Coronavirus in Syria and Jordan, Qatar Charity and the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) signed two agreements worth $ 2 million to provide water, sanitation, and hygiene services to Syrian refugees in Jordan.  Awareness campaignsThe cooperation between Qatar Charity and UNICEF also included awareness-raising efforts to protect against the dangers of Corona, as an awareness campaign was launched on social networks targeting children and parents to enhance their protection.This campaign bears the slogan of heroes in the face of Corona and works to publish illustrated educational brochures that encourage adherence to preventive behaviors and adherence to precautionary measures.