Hundreds of Syrian students are tested through Qatar Charity's accelerated education

 600 students who dropped out of school take final exams in northern Syria; they represent the first batch of students benefiting from the project after receiving "accelerated education" within the temporary education centers funded by the Humanitarian Fund in Syria "SCHF" of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs "OCHA" and implemented by Qatar Charity.Qatar Charity launched the "Accelerated Education" project for Syrian children who dropped out of education at the end of 2020, in partnership with OCHA, where 1,200 students benefited from it in Azaz and Al-Bab regions in northern Syria.Educational gapThe project seeks to return dropped children to school by applying the accelerated learning methodology to reduce the educational gap using a curriculum developed by the United Nations Children's Fund "UNICEF" to enter formal education next year after receiving the necessary care and education. Qatar Charity’s intervention consists of restoring two temporary education centers that provide “accelerated education” service in northern Syria.Appointing qualified academic cadres and training them on the accelerated education curriculum, distributing its books, school bags, and stationery to children, in addition to providing psychological support service, as well as providing Operating expenses, heating fuel, and providing transportation to transport children with special needs to and from the center.Qatar Charity's "Accelerated Education" project found a great turnout from children and interaction from their families, as the project represented to them a hope to integrate school dropouts with their peers through direct coordination with the directorates of education by signing cooperation protocols to provide the appropriate educational service.Challenging hardshipsMany Syrian children of the displaced have been forced to drop out of education and work to help their families. Cases of early marriage have also increased in the displacement camps.With the continuation of the humanitarian crisis, the age difference between the children who dropped out and their peers in schools began to widen, and many attempts to integrate the dropped children with younger children within the same educational stage failed, as the children returned to the dropout.Qatar Charity's intervention Qatar Charity has attached great importance to education, as it has implemented dozens of educational projects for displaced Syrians and refugees to provide equal educational opportunities for all. The total beneficiaries of its projects have reached more than 1.2 million boys and girls over the past five years.Qatar Charity has provided the camps with 40 educational spaces in the form of caravans equipped with school chairs, air conditioners, writing boards, heaters, and fire extinguishers, as well as first aid bags in addition to printing school books and distributing them free of charge to all school students of all stages in northern Syria, whose number is estimated at half a million students.These textbooks cover 100% of the general need for textbooks in these areas, which suffer from a large proportion of displacement.