Environmental Sustainability: WASH Collection

The WASH Environmental Collection collates resources from UNICEF, USAID, WASH Alliance International, WaterAid, and others which disucss the relationship between WASH and Environmental Sustainability in Humanitarian Contexts. This Collections contains guidelines, fact sheets, case studies, and briefing notes to aid humanitarian practitioners on incorporating environmental sustainability in natural disaster or conflicts settings. This collection is an integral part of a wider channel about Environmental Sustainability. 


Collections on this Collection


Water, Sanitation, Hygiene (WASH) Pakistan Collection

This channel collects resources relating to WASH in Pakistan

Needs Assessment and Baseline Surveys for WASH in Emergencies

According to Sphere Core Standard 3: Needs Assessment  is "the priority needs of the disaster-affected population are identified through a systematic assessment of the context, risks to life with dignity and the capacity of the affected people and relevant authorities to respond". The "Needs Assessment and Baseline Surveys for WASH in Emergencies" Collection you will find resources for WASH in emergencies, minimum requirements, sanitation guidelines and community resilience assessment tools.

WASH and Health Guidelines

The "WASH and Health Guidelines" Collection compiles recent humanitarian practices on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), aiming to improve the health levels of affected populations. According to European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations, "Water, sanitation and hygiene (also known as WASH) are closely connected sectors and essential for good public health. In emergency and crisis situations, providing access to clean water in sufficient quantities is paramount. Basic sanitation and hygiene education are important for a healthy living environment. [...]. Lack of access to clean water and to basic sanitation, and low hygiene standards increase the vulnerability of people to epidemic outbreaks." To learn more about this, visit: https://ec.europa.eu/echo/what/humanitarian-aid/water-sanitation-hygiene_en