Confined Masonry

The "Confined Masonry" Collection contains documents and handbooks on the process of constructing shelter by using the confined masonry technique. A confined block masonry house is designed and constructed so that its walls are able to resist earthquakes. Its plan view must be simple and symmetrical. Its bearing walls must be well constructed and must always be confined by reinforced concrete columns and beams. This Collection includes several resources in Spanish. We can quote among many other those following resources: a- GUIDELINES FOR REPAIR, RESTORATION AND RETROFITTING OF MASONRY BUILDINGS IN KACHCHH EARTHQUAKE AFFECTED AREAS OF GUJARAT, a Guidelines for repair, restoration and retrofitting of masonry buildings; b- Code of practice for structural use of unreinforced masonry, an Indian Standard masonry; c- Housing Report: Low-strength dressed stone masonry buildings, a report on the housing typologies in India, with a focus on low-strength dressed masonry buildings.