Bosnian Foreign Minister praises Qatar Charity's projects

The Vice-Chairwoman of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Minister of Foreign Affairs Bisera Turković praised the developmental projects implemented by Qatar Charity (QC) to support Bosnian people in various sectors, thanking the people of Qatar, who are proactive in supporting those in need worldwide.The minister also thanked Qatar Charity for its efforts, especially in combating the coronavirus pandemic, providing comprehensive care for hundreds of orphans and children of poor families, and implementing the projects that directly contribute to the development of the country. This came during a visit paid by the minister to Qatar Charity’s office and the dormitory for female students studying at universities. She was received by Mohamed Ouchene, director of Qatar Charity’s office in the country. She expressed her delight with the well-furnished and well-equipped dormitory that benefits more than 100 female students from across the country. She noted that the student housing is comparable to international centers in terms of facilities and is an example of strengthening relations between the Qatari and Bosnian peoples.The minister stated that she pays special attention to the projects implemented by Qatar Charity to contribute to the development of the country. She said that Qatar Charity is a notable an international humanitarian and charitable organization, indicating that she would provide all the necessary support to facilitate Qatar Charity’s work and activities across Bosnia and Herzegovina.Qatar Charity’s office in Bosnia and Herzegovina was established in 1994 to support the Bosnian people by implementing various projects in line with the plans and programs of the country.The Bosnia office is characterized by superb services offered in the field of social welfare, especially for orphans, poor families, students and people with special needs.It is worth mentioning that Qatar Charity built a dormitory for female students in the heart of Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The location of the dormitory was wisely chosen near the four universities that have various scientific disciplines. The building provides the female students studying at universities with a safe, calm, and comfortable atmosphere for study and educational achievement.