Area-Based Approaches Channel

During humanitarian emergencies, affected communities do not perceive their needs, recovery and resilience in sectoral terms, but from a holistic, multi-sectoral perspectives. Meeting these humanitarian needs in ever-increasing number of affected people, diverse contexts and dwindling resources has been challenging. While sectoral expertise and existing coordination mechanisms remain key ingredients in preparedness, response and recovery, meeting the holistic needs of the affected communities requires collaborative and adaptive approaches Although the descriptions given to such alternative approaches differ,(area-based, settlements, or neighborhood), key elements are consistent across various contexts. It is multi-sectoral, geographically delimited, socially inclusive as well as reduces the immediate and future vulnerabilities, and accelerates the recovery processes. In addition to existing humanitarian architecture, building on local governance structures and service delivery mechanisms are important components of such approaches. While these approaches can take various methodologies and strictly context-specific, it is also important to understand such approaches are not always applicable. This channel serves as a knowledge base, discussion forum and useful cross-sectoral platform. You are welcome to access, comment and add your opinions and articles. This channel is moderated by co-chairs of the Settlements Approaches in Urban Areas Working Group.