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Using the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development as a unifying framework, this study addresses this shortcoming and identifies entry points for policymakers, mine action organisations, UN...

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A manual for people working in environments contaminated by landmines and other explosive hazards including improvised explosive devices.

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This discussion focussed on the impact of mine action on land rights and covered the following topics-1. Introduction by Christelle Loupforest and Shobha Rao2. How humanitarian mine action...

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This report are discussing the main land rights issues in Yemen, including mine action repsonse to land rights.

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Publisher(s): ICRC
Date: Oct 2018
Location: World

1.This Protocol relates to the use on land of the mines, booby-traps and other devices, defined herein, including mines laid to interdict beaches, waterway crossings or river crossings, but does...

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This report was drafted in 2016 and highlights the status of 2008 convention on cluster munitions. It covers the following topics-1. Major findings2. Cluster munition ban policy3. Contamination...

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ABOUT THE COURSE This course is about providing development and humanitarian professionals working in urban neighbourhoods to more effectively adapt, transform or negate the potential impact of...