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This report addresses drought, which is considered the major disaster occurring in the Arab region. The report focuses on Syria, considered one of the most economically affected countries by...

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Drought is a normal part of climate; an extreme climatic event, often described as a natural hazard. Drought by itself does not trigger an emergency. Whether or not it becomes an emergency depends...

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Publisher(s): Oxfam
Date: Nov 2018
Location: Africa

This technical brief presents information on assessing the appropriateness of water trucking interventions, setup of emergency water trucking in drought, and alternatives to water trucking.  It is...

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Publisher(s): UN Environment/OCHA
Date: Jan 2020
Location: Bolivia

This mission report describes the finding of technical experts deployed to support drought response in Bolivia.

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Publisher(s): Refugee International
Date: Oct 2019
Location: Ethiopia

In the Somali region of eastern Ethiopia, drought internally displaced persons (IDPs)—people who have been forced to relocate because of the effects of severe drought—are now a forgotten...

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Report on a project in Somalia which aims to improve capacity of Somali authorities to respond to drought.

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Publisher(s): AgeHelp International
Date: Sep 2019

Given that the frequency and severity of natural disasters as a result of climate change are likely to increase, and that, by 2050, 22% of the world’s population will be aged 60 or over, it is...

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This document gives an update on crisis in the Horn of Africa regarding drought and displacement. It provides an overview of the key priorities, operational constraints and lessons learnt after...

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Case study on urban shelter upgrade after disaster and drought. In dense urban settlements in Hargeisa, 634 transitional shelters were constructed in two temporary settlements. The project was...

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Date: Jun 2021

(A healthy land to rebuild better. Repairing ecosystems Land Healing) the theme of the World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought, 17 JuneThis year, the United Nations and humanitarian...