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Content Type: Resource
Publisher(s): Shelter Centre
Date: Nov 2018

This workshop look at how to quantify the impacts of different hazards upon housing and infrastructure.

Content Type: Resource

The FEMA Damage Assessment Operations Manual is intended to expedite decision-making and the delivery of assistance by defining national standards for assessing damage and clearly outlining the...

Content Type: Resource

This handbook on sustainable reconstruction in urban areas seeks to unpack the problemsthat many organisations are confronted with while providing step-by-step guidance on howto design and...

Content Type: Resource

The objectives of this report is to survey and record observations and measurements that would help the scientific and professional communities understand the Ecuador Earthquake of 16 April 2016...

Content Type: Resource
Publisher(s): World Bank
Date: Jul 2014
Location: World

This document is aimed at mainstreaming the methodology for disaster damage and loss assessment (DaLA). It provides indispensable reference material for training programs to build institutional...