Qatar Charity distributes winter aid to Palestinian families

As part of its winter campaign ‘Warmth and Peace”, Qatar Charity continues distributing winter aid to the vulnerable in many countries across the globe, including Palestine Qatar Charity, has delivered the winter supplies to venerable families, aiming to meet their basic needs and alleviate their daily suffering. Qatar Charity’s office in Palestine distributed the aid, in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Development, benefiting 479 low-income families from various governorates of the Gaza Strip.The winter supplies included nylon roof covers to stop the rainwater flow inside the homes of the beneficiaries in winter, in addition to distributing the blankets. According to Luay Al-Madhoun, director of the Social Development Minister’s office, this relief project contributed to meeting the essential needs of the beneficiary populations in the Gaza Strip in light of poverty and unemployment.He added that thisprojectcontributedtoprovidingprotection for the low-income families from the extremecold andrainwaterinfiltrationintotheirhomes and lesseningtheir economicpressures.The beneficiariesexpressed their happiness at receiving this assistance, which provided them and their families with warmth in winter. Ilham Al-Muqid, abeneficiary, said now her children could sleep peacefully. In contrast, Muti` Al-Taramsi, another beneficiary, indicatedthattheQatariaidprovidedapeacefulsleepforhischildrenatnight.He added that his house was seasonally subjected to drowning due to rainwater flowing into the house.