Qatar Charity distributes school bags to Sarajevo orphans.

 Qatar Charity has distributed bags to 200 orphans in Bosnia and Herzegovina to meet some of their needs.These bags included books, notebooks for the benefit of students and children of needy families in each of the capital, Sarajevo, and four other states to relieve their parents' financial burdens.This came within the framework of Qatar Charity's annual campaign to distribute bags to orphan students in Sarajevo with the start of the school year due to its concern for its sponsored orphans and providing school needs that help them in their studies, which will contribute to the growth and development of their societies.The beneficiary students' parents expressed their happiness with this support and thanked the sponsors for supporting this project.During the distribution, the organizers were keen to adhere to social distancing measures due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus in Bosnia. They committed to guide children and their parents and coordinate the receipt process as dictated by public health standards.Qatar Charity sponsors in Sarajevo, as part of the Rofaqaa campaign, 2,774 people from low-income families, orphans, people with special needs, and teachers, of whom 2,357 are orphans.Qatar Charity provides social care services, including orphans sponsorship, and at At the end of 2013 launched "Rofaqaa '" as a humanitarian initiative, concerned with the issues of children and orphans around the world through effective programs that contribute to confronting everything that threatens or endangers their lives, and achieving leadership in the concept of social solidarity.