Qatar Charity continues delivering relief aid to Lebanon blast victims

Qatar Charity (QC), through its field teams, continues to provide urgent relief aid to those affected by the massive explosion that has rocked the port area of Lebanon's capital, Beirut. The emergency assistance comes as part of the 'Lebanon in Our Hearts' drive, aimed at extending helping hands to the affected in Lebanon in this time of adversity.Qatar Charity has initiated the delivery of food parcels and ready-to-eat meals to the victims of the terrible explosion, while medical assistance and shelter aid are expected to continue on a larger scale. Qatar Charity's field teams, in parallel with delivering relief aid, are conducting a field survey of the urgent essentials needed by medical staff, intending to provide the necessary support.On Friday and Saturday, Qatar Charity participated in the live transmission on various media outlets to raise funds for the 'Lebanon in Our Hearts' campaign. Qatar Charity thanked all those who donated to the "Lebanon in Our Hearts" campaign, urging benefactors in Qatar to continue supporting the drive to maximize the number of beneficiaries affected by the explosion, which has brought a horrific humanitarian disaster. Beirut was declared a 'disaster city' where health officials called for support to provide the necessary treatment and urgent assistance to save the lives of the victims, as the city's hospitals are incapable of receiving more casualties. Reports say up to 300,000 people have lost their homes. Qatar Charity's urgent response plan under the "Lebanon in Our Hearts" drive focuses on supporting health, food security, livelihood, shelter, water, sanitation, and general and personal hygiene.Qatar Charity seeks to provide medicines, devices, and equipment to hospitals, health centers, and medical clinics. It also seeks to provide the affected with food baskets, ready-to-eat meals, mattresses, blankets, personal hygiene kits, and rents, in addition to contributing to repairing damaged homes.