Qatar Charity’s ‘Warm Hearts’ winter drive kicks off

Qatar Charity (QC) has launched ‘Warm Hearts’, a drive for the 2022-2023 winter season, under the slogan ‘Winter is looming. Let’s not wait. The winter campaign aims to deliver aid, worth QR 80 million, to more than 1.2 million people, including internally displaced persons (IDPs), refugees, and underprivileged families, in 15 countries across the globe, in addition to launching many initiatives and providing aid to workers in Qatar.The winter campaign was launched in a press conference attended by many officials from Qatar Charity, including Mr. Ahmad Fakhroo, CEO's assistant for the Resources Development and Media sector, Mr. Nawaf Al Hammadi, CEO's Assistant for International Operations and Programs, and Mr. Faisal Al- Fehaida, CEO’s Assistant for the Programs and Community Development Sector. Thank You Speaking at the beginning of the press conference, Mr. Ahmad FakhrooCEO's assistant for the Resources Development and Media sector at Qatar Charity, thanked the donors, both individuals, and companies, as well as other supporters, for donating to Qatar Charity’s previous campaigns that contributed to helping millions of the affected during winter, especially in the crisis-stricken areas, worldwide. He also thanked media and social media influencers for playing a significant role in making the pressing humanitarian issues better known to people and raising awareness of the importance of supporting these humanitarian drives.Fakhroo urged benefactors to continue to support the current winter campaign to reach as many underprivileged people as possible across the world in light of the worsening living conditions and rising prices globally.  He emphasized the importance of donors’ early contributions to the winter campaign to provide supplies for the vulnerable and the poor and protect them from diseases and other risks that are associated with excessive cold, rainfall, and snow in the coming months.He hoped that the people would support and donate to the campaign to alleviate the suffering of the target groups by providing food aid, clothes, blankets, shelter kits, and other supplies to keep them properly warm and protect them from severe cold diseases.He touched on the campaign’s main areas and products, which are food packages, winter clothes, blankets, heaters, fuel, tents, house rent and maintenance, necessary medicines, medical supplies, and personal hygiene kits, to protect the poor, refugees, and IDPs, vulnerable children, and those with chronic diseases, and to support the continuation of child and youth education in areas of asylum and displacement.Aid Outside QatarMr. Nawaf Abdullah Al Hammadi, CEO’s Assistant for International Operations and Programs, said, Qatar Charity, will deliver the aid to the expected beneficiaries through its field teams in most of the target countries, as well as through delegations and partners. He also noted that more than 30 offices of Qatar Charity globally will ensure the quick delivery of winter aid to the target beneficiaries professionally without delay.“The current winter campaign aims to extend QR75,900,00  aid to1,200,000  people in 15 countries, with a focus on IDPs and refugee camps, countries experiencing exceptional circumstances, and regions facing a harsh winter with temperatures dropping below zero,” noted Al Hammadi.  He indicated that the focus will be placed on refugees and IDP camps and areas, especially Syrians, Palestinians, and others because they are more vulnerable than others to climatic conditions due to their poor housing conditions and difficult living and family situations.Target Countries The target countries include Syria, Palestine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, India, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kosovo, Jordon, Albania, Lebanon, Morocco, Bangladesh, Turkey, and Tunisia. The target groups include Rohingya refugees.Events in QatarThe ‘Warm Hearts’ campaign will focus on launching several initiatives within Qatar during the coming period to serve several sections of the community,” said Mr. Faisal Al- Fehaida, CEO’s Assistant for the Programs and Community Development Sector at Qatar Charity. He added that these initiatives include rapid intervention for emergencies and elderly rights initiatives. He indicated that winter assistance will be provided to workers and awareness-raising events will be held to acquaint people with the suffering of the vulnerable in winter. Al- Fehaida stated that the campaign seeks to deliver assistance to 4000 workers, indicating that this assistance will include warm clothes, blankets, food, and medical checkups, in addition to organizing awareness-raising lectures for them on how to protect them from diseases.In conclusion, Al- Fehaida mentioned that the campaign would also include many public and social events and programs, as well as lectures, which will be organized in commercial places to educate people about the refuges’ situations in winter and encourage benefactors to extend a helping hand to them. He called on philanthropists to support the initiatives, which will be launched by Qatar Charity during the coming period