Kyrgyz government praises Qatar Charity's projects

Deputy Chairperson of the Cabinet of Ministers of Kyrgyzstan, Bakashova Jyldyz, applauded Qatar’s remarkable contributions and Qatar Charity’s significant efforts to support the Kyrgyz people in various fields, expressing her pride in the depth of the relations between the two countries."Kyrgyzstan attaches great importance to developing cooperation relations with the State of Qatar and appreciates what Qatar Charity is doing by implementing various projects,” said Bakashova Jyldyz during her meeting with Mr. Nawaf Abdullah al-Hammadi, CEO's assistant for the International Operations and Programs sector at Qatar Charity. “We seek to develop further and strengthen relations between the two countries," she added. She praised the quantity and quality of the projects implemented by Qatar Charity across Kyrgyzstan, calling for continuing joint efforts to develop remote areas of the country, improve the level of education and assist the vulnerable population within the framework of government programs.This came during a visit paid by Mr. Nawaf Abdullah al-Hammadi to Kyrgyzstan where he met separately with Mr. Bolotbek Kupeshov, Minister of Education and Science, and Mr. Alymkadyr Beyshenaliev, Minister of Health and Social Development in the presence of Mr. Abdullah bin Ahmed Al Sulaiti, Ambassador of Qatar to Kyrgyzstan. Minister of Education and Science Bolotbek Kupeshov thanked the government and the people of Qatar and Qatar Charity for all the implemented and ongoing projects in Kyrgyzstan, noting that these projects contributed significantly to the development of education.The minister noted his ministry's interest in strengthening cooperation relations in education and coordination with the Qatari Ministry of Education.Minister of Health and Social Development Alymkadyr Beyshenaliev praised the role of Qatar, as well as the efforts of Qatar Charity in developing the health system in Kyrgyzstan, noting Qatar Charity's contribution to building hospitals and clinics and implementing social and health projects. On the sidelines of the visit, nearly 100 electric and non-electronic wheelchairs were distributed to differently-abled persons at the Ministry's headquarters in the capital, Bishkek, with the support of philanthropists in Qatar.  Mr. Nawaf Abdullah al-Hammadi, CEO's assistant for the International Operations and The programs sector at Qatar Charity, said that Qatar Charity would continue to implement projects in the fields of education, health, and social care, indicating that more attention will be given to income-generating projects for the benefit of needy families. He noted that Qatar Charity sponsors more than 10,000 persons in Kyrgyzstan.